NDLEA Operatives Beat-up Skit Comedian, DeGeneral, in Own House

Skit Comedian, DeGeneral, was physically assaulted in his residence by some officials dressed in the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA uniforms.

A video that surfaced online seemed like a live stream of the aggravated abuse meted on the comedian and some of his friends by the agency’s Operatives.

However, with all indications, the video pointed out why they invaded his residence at midnight, and their conversations weren’t too audible to make out why the officials were there in the first place.

In part of the video, he could be seen beaten by agency officials following his decision to record the unlawful home invasion.

Degeneral’s Online Fans React to Assault Video

Ndlea Operatives Beat-Up Skit Comedian, Degeneral, In Own House

The assault escalated to the level that the operatives had to block the camera from recording as his online audience could be seen criticising the actions of the agency’s officials.

Clearly, while he was yelling out loud that he understood his rights, the officials countered his comments and went on with the abuse to an extent they requested handcuffs to restrain him.

As of the time of filing the story, it was unclear if the he was still arrested as there hasn’t been any statement from the agency to confirm this development.

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