My Bet is On Mercy de Lambo, Queen of Highlights

Meet Mercy

With less than a week to the end of this season’s Big Brother Naija show, we have one lady standing with four other guys to accompany her to the grand prize, haha. Mercy Eke, popularly called Mercy, had defied all odds and is now at the final stage. She’s not one of those Nigerians thought would make it to the final stage. There was one aunty in the show who said she would be there till the end, our search team is yet to find where she is hiding in the house.

Basking in humility and street smartness, Mercy has shown us in these three months that she is one hell of a focused individual with a sincere drive to be successful. Mercy who hails from Imo state, Nigeria is one of the few housemates to be classified as complete Nigerians. Having felt the scourge of growing up in an average Nigerian home and attending Nigerian secondary school and University, it is safe to say that she qualifies for the first Big Brother requirement: Must be Nigerian.

Before Big Brother Naija

Prior to this season of Big Brother Naija, Mercy has been busy being a video vixen and trying her hand on business. She can be classified as the Igbo hustling queen. With her passion to become a fashion icon in Nigeria through her fashion brand, she has not disappointed a bit in showing off her skills in the Big Brother House. PSA: She is yet to wear any outfit twice.

Talking about her motivation and inspiration for being in the house, Mercy disclosed that she had attended the audition four different times before being chosen. According to her, she disclosed that she had the skills and body needed for her business but she needed the fame which the show gives. She says that was her main motivation.

As a second push, she said she was once dumped by a man because she was not famous. The 26-year-old Imo state queen alleged that Nigerian footballer, Emenike had dumped her in the past and went on with his now-wife, Ihuoma. This, she said pushed her and further inspired her passion to be successful. She had accused the footballer of dumping her because she was not popular and he needed someone famous to help his career.

Mercy de Lambo, the self-acclaimed Queen of highlights, is definitely the strongest woman this season of Big Brother encountered. Her relationship with Ike has got to be the best. Their gangster love was one saddled with loyalty and sincerity. To think we will not get to see them on our screens after the show is heart wrecking already.

Mercy’s Journey

Watching her for weeks in the Big Brother House, it is clear that Mercy’s journey constantly improved all through. She was among the few ladies who got a chance to become Head of House. The best part of her tenure was that she got to rule with her in-house lover, Ike.

We saw the sisterly love she shared with Diane when she confronted Gedoni for making videos of Diane while she was drunk. It escalated so much she smashed the phone while defending her friend.

Mercy’s competitive spirit also made her struggle so much to become Head of House on many occasions. The way she went about the challenges swiftly and efficiently showed how focused she can be at winning even at the littlest task.

Life is full of struggles and if you have to live life in Nigeria, it is a double struggle. In the midst of all these, Mercy has been able to keep her head above the water by having fun at any given opportunity. Her energy during parties and fun activities is to die for. Who dances as much as Mercy during the parties? The answer is nobody.

They say charity begins at home. Mercy is passionate about her fashion business so much so that it reflects in her everyday living. To the best of our experience, the best-dressed female in this season has got to be the Lambo herself.

Her sense of colors mixed with her ability to fit in the mood and season into her looks shows how ready she is to launch into the market. Permit me to refer to her as the newest Fashion Icon to watch out for. I would not mind having her style me on a club night.

The summary of everything I have gathered from our Lambo’s journey is that

  • She is a kind soul
  • A loyal friend
  • A sincere heart that doesn’t backstab
  • A repentant mind that accepts her flaws and makes amends
  • A forgiving spirit
  • A full-blooded Nigerian with no dilution
  • A lady who has fought her way to where she is
  • A determined and focused lady
  • A sincere soul with the ability to love wholly
  • A fashion Icon
  • A businesswoman with the ability to succeed

At this point, I do not see any reason not to love Mercy the Lambo, Queen of Highlights.

Mercy’s Chances of Winning

In the previous seasons of Big Brother Naija, we have only recorded Men winning. Some of these winners did not show even half the strength, determination and resilience demonstrated by our Mercy.

Secondly, looking at the people she is contending with this final week, it would be safe to say that she deserves to win. Looking at her performances during the times she was up for eviction, it appears she is loved by many voters.

On the part of perception, Mercy is seen as a strategist and a businesswoman with eyes on the prize. As much as she doesn’t come off as an intellectual person, her onions lie in how she uses her street sense. This, to me, is what has brought her this far.

My bet is on Mercy de Lambo, Queen of highlights.