Musician, Terry Apala Accused of Sleeping With Cousin

Pandemonium as a lady accuses Nigerian musician Terry Apala of sleeping with his cousin.

The accusing lady with the Twitter handle, @premiumbabygyal, called the artiste out on Twitter claiming that he was cheating on her friend, who happened to be his pregnant girlfriend, with a lady he claimed to be his cousin.

Terry Apala Allegedly Caught in Bed With Cousin

The lady even shared a video clip of the singer in bed with the supposed cousin.

In her lengthy narration, she mentioned that it was out of place for her to do such but she couldn’t sit back and watch her friend suffer. She shared that her friend has been trying to reach Apala for a while to keep up with her and the pregnancy but to no avail.

After trying for a while she decided to go over to his house only to catch him in bed with the woman he claimed to be his cousin and to make matters worse, his pregnant girlfriend had been doing all she could to accomodate the cousin even to the extent of sharing her belongings with her.

Here are some snapshots from the video;

Finally, she advised that Nigerian celebrities do better in the way they treat others because the had a habit of assuming demigod due to their status.


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