Musician, Dr. Sid Celebrates 2 years of Freedom

Dr Sid celebrates 2 years of freedom. ‘Freedom from what?’ you may ask, well freedom from substance use.

Sidney Esiri popularly known by his stage name D. Sid is celebrating two years free from smoking cigarettes and weed.

The entertainer took to his Instagram to share the goodness with his followers. He put up a photo that showed,

‘ 2 years, 1month,3days,9 hours, 54 minutes and 12 seconds’

This seems to be the exact period he had not smoked for. He also captioned,

“I forgot to share this with you guys last month, celebrating two years smoking free”

Musician, Dr. Sid Celebrates 2 Years Of Freedom 1
Dr Sid celebrates 2 years of freedom.

The 40-year-old singer started his smoke-free journey in October 2018 and has not looked back since.

From his lifestyle, one can tell that he aims at living a healthier life since he has also become very active in sports.

Congratulation are in order for Dr.Sid

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