Murphy Afolabi Blows Hard on Critics of his Accent

Nollywood actor and movie producer, Murphy Afolabi, has come hard on those criticising his Yoruba Accent.

The actor in a recent interview said he is proud of his origin and the way they speak.

The actor said he was born and bred in Osogbo, Osun State, making his accent unavoidable and noticeable.

He said it is something natural, and even if he tries to speak some other way, it will be impossible.

Murphy added that no one would hear him or understand him if he attempted to change how he spoke.

Murphy Afolabi said, “There is nothing like someone is making fun of me; my place of birth is my state.”

“I was born in Osogbo, and everyone knows that the way we pronounce our ‘S’ is different from the others in my village.” he continued.

“If you try to force yourself to speak like a Lagosian, people would hardly hear you,” he said.

The unapologetic actor said this is the way he will talk till he grows old, and “Whoever does not like it should not play with me.”

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