Mr Macaroni to Fan: Remove me From Your Display Picture

Nigerian comic actor and skit maker Debo Adedayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni has schooled a fan who has his picture as his display picture on social media.

The supposed fan with the Twitter handle @tarilamurphy tweeted “I shall keep saying it. Let all those reality TV shows e.g BBN take a pause this year. They should help the youths to focus on the 2023 Election. #EndSARS”

Mr Macaroni Schools Fan

Mr Macaroni who seemed not to be pleased with the handlers’ tweet gave a long response while noting that normal lives activities should not stop because of an upcoming election.

He also added that the person should stop using his pictures to tweet nonsense but in another tweet, he requested that the fan kindly pull down his picture from displaying on his profile.

Mr Macaroni wrote, “Asking BBN to take a pause so that the Youths can focus on Election is not it. If that is it, then maybe football should also pause… maybe we should stop working too? Since u want to render other people jobless… Make una no dey use my picture or name tweet nonsense o 🌚”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Will you stop going to work? Will you stop eating? Will you stop living life? If the Youths need shows or other events to pause before they can focus on elections, then the Youths are not ready.”

Mr Macaroni also added, “And pls @tarilamurphy kindly remove my picture as your display picture. Thank you.”

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