Mr Macaroni Puts Nigerian Police on Blast

Nigerian comedian, Debo Adebayo aka Mr Macaroni puts Nigerian police on blast after they made a post to celebrate women on March 8.

The police put up a post to celebrate International Women’s day, but that did not receive a very warm welcome from Nigerians who felt it was nothing but a performative post. Still sore from the unjust sack of a single female officer over an alleged pregnancy, Nigerian proceeded to attack the Police force for discrimination against women.

Mr Macaroni Puts Nigerian Police on Blast

However, it was beyond that case for some, including Mr Macaroni, who came for the Police over their overall disregard for the Nigerian citizenry. He wrote,

“Just go through the quoted tweets and comments here! No amount of packaging and branding can erase the awful and bitter experiences that you people have put your Fellow Nigerians through. Don’t you people have conscience?”

Mr Macaroni Puts Nigerian Police On Blast 1

Recall that Macaroni was arrested on the 13th of February during an #ENDSARS protest to highlight the disregard for lives and property by the Nigerian police.


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