Mr Macaroni Discredits APC, PDP, Calls for Another Party

Popular Instagram Comedian and skit maker Debo Adedayo also known as Mr Macaroni, has discredited the two major parties in Nigeria as he calls for the rise of another party.

The outspoken anti-government activist said he would never support either the ‘All Progressive Congress (APC) or the ‘Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In a series of tweets on Monday, the 29-year-old actor noted that everyone has the right to support any party they wish to, but he would rather take his chances with another party and hope it becomes a force to reckon with.

Mr Macaroni added that we cannot continue to recycle leaders from the two major party and expects things to change.

Mr Macaroni wrote “Everyone has the right to support any party they wish to. I will never support PDP or APC!! Insult me all you like, that is my choice.

“I will join another party and hope that the party can one day also become a force!! For things to change, the foundation must be right!!

“This has always been my stand and I have said it here severally. If we want things to change, we can’t continue recycling.

“If everyone is tired, let us in our numbers identify with another party and take back the country from those that have been ruling for donkey years.

“Pay no attention to those who ridicule the idea of another party. It is definitely not going to be easy. And the change in power won’t happen once. But we must begin from somewhere. If the people are united, the people are unstoppable!!”

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