Mr. Eazi Recovers From An illness that “looked and felt like coronavirus”

Mr. Eazi has voiced his fear that he was down with a suspected case of CoronaVirus after feeling unwell few days ago in the UK.

The London-based DJ Edu and Mr Eazi announced in this week’s edition of This Is Africa on BBC World Service radio that they felt unwell at the same time, a few days after sharing a meal together.

Mr. Eazi

Mr. Eazi

The Nigerian singer admitted that he had recourse to eating lots of ginger and vitamins, bingeing on shows, and talking to his mum to isolate himself in the UK during his nights.

He said; 

I think when things [like coronavirus] happen you’re looking for something, some kind of light within the entire situation… Now I’m speaking to my mom three times a day, which I usually don’t. So that’s one thing that has happened in this season – I’ve stayed more in touch with family.

Mr. Eazi also said the virus is real, as he advised his fans to wash their hands and stay away from the elderly.

He added; 

Please stay at home, the virus is real. I see a lot of people say ‘Oh the virus is not real’ – the virus is very real. Wash your hands, and stay away from the older people. Care for them but be careful, because you might not know you have the virus and you don’t want to get a lot of people sick.

But DJ Edu announced that both are recovering from the disease that looked like coronavirus and felt like it.

As to why Mr Eazi is still yet to undergo a medical examination, a Twitter user reported that certain countries will not check suspected cases of coronavirus until 70 per cent of the symptoms have been shown.

@shymman7147 tweeted; 

That’s the scenario in most countries bro. You won’t get tested until you have over 70% of the symptoms. Most countries are scared they will run out of test kits if they started testing every case. They did that in New York and ran out of their first set of test kits in few days.

And almost all the people tested came back negative.

Mr Eazi Recovering From An Illness That &Quot;Looked And Felt Like Coronavirus&Quot;
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