Mourinho’s Spurs Severance Package Worth Up to £20 Million

Jose Mourinho will leave Tottenham with less than the widely reported £30million compensation package he was said to be due.

Mourinho to leave Spurs with only £20 Million

Sources claim the Portuguese’s package will not go over £20million due to performance-related clauses in his contract linked to European qualification and his £10million-a-season salary.

Mourinho will be placed on gardening leave by Tottenham despite his dismissal; meaning Spurs will continue to pay him as normal until he finds new employment, meaning, in reality, his severance package will likely be up to £20million.

The Special One was sacked on Monday morning, and sources claim the poor performance in the 2-2 draw at Everton on Friday was the final straw.

It has been reported that the Special One would be entitled to at least £30million in a payout if he lost his job.

But that is not the case because Spurs are seventh in the Premier League, effectively meaning Mourinho is not entitled to his full compensation.

Likewise, initial indications that the Portuguese was earning £15million a season are said to be exaggerated, with his basic wage closer to £10million, which significantly decreases his severance deal.

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