Miyetti Allah Tags Buhari Clueless Figurehead

Amid the reactions trailing the recent ban of Open grazing in the Southern region of Nigeria, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a clueless figurehead.

The association also urged its members in the Southern states to vacate the region a few days after the seventeen Southern governors agreed that open grazing should be banned.

Reacting to the pronouncement of the southern governors on open grazing, the Chairman of Miyetti Allah in Bauchi state, Sadiq Ahmed, accused the governors of making attempts to frustrate their businesses.

Ahmed noted that the governors were bent on turning their people against Fulani herders, adding that the recent pronouncement by the southern governors is an indication that Nigeria is heading for secession.

According to the Miyetti Allah Chairman, criminality, including armed robbery and kidnapping, started in the South.

Miyetti Allah

He described President Buhari as incompetent and a figurehead, noting that everyone does what he feels like in Nigeria, an indication that the country is already moving apart.

Ahmed urged President Buhari to step aside or for Nigerians to put heads together and elect a credible president in 2023.

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