Mixed Feelings Trail Obi Cubana, Abba Kyari’s Friendship

Obi Cubana, the businessman billionaire is suddenly trending on Twitter as a picture of himself and the former supercop, Abba Kyari, were spotted looking like they were exchanging pleasantries.

Although, there’s no established link so far relating the news that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, declaring Kyari wanted has anything to do with Cubana’s sudden trend.

However, it would be recalled that earlier this year, the billionaire businessman was also invited by NDLEA for questioning and spent a reasonable time in the custody of the agency.

Twitter Reactions on Obi Cubana

Reacting to the trend, @eronsjohnson, said “Honestly, at this point, you should be worried for ObiCubana. If he has one tiny skeleton in his cupboard. They will use this Abba kyari bromance to tear him down.”

@roqzee said the last high profile invitee for drug-related investigation was Obi Cubana. Are you following the pattern of the expanding drug investigation? Your favourite music artistes and skit makers are trembling right now. Enjoy the movie.

Meanwhile, @jacfran6, noted that it shouldn’t be that Cubana is into drugs …you can’t be too friendly with a criminal cop if you yourself ain’t a criminal…just saying ni ooo but still…Check and Balance.

@cabeecroft explained that the Cubana stunt was a red flag for me. It was a stupid move. While we might not be able to prove impropriety against Obi, signs did not point towards anything good.
AbbaKyari was stupid…

Also contributing to matter, @Ebuteabujacars, stressed that because he is from the east his wealth is questionable… Cubana has proven himself in several diverse ways he owns one of the biggest clubs in Nigeria and outside, he has legit sources of income. He was living a lowkey life until fame found him. Thanks, one Nigeria.

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