Mind-Blowing Pictures of Erica’s Exciting Moments in Dubai and Ghana

When Erica Nlewedim hinted on her trip to Dubai and Ghana, her fans “The Elites” jubilated stressing that it was going to be a time out for her to rest and be away from the daily stress she gets on social media.

The trips sponsored by a travel company was something the Elites looked forward to, especially the oppourtunity to catch a gleams of her moments during her stay in the country.

Based on that, has brought pictures of those moments to you and some of them are capable of blowing your mind away.

Erica’s Exciting Moments in Dubai

One of the first pictures that got into public space while Erica was in Dubai was that where she was sighted in a Pitchfork.

Looking through the windscreen, it was easy to see her smiling despite how much the face mask she had on concealed the major part of her face.

Only the Star Girl can explain who much her mind was blown by that experience.

For the BBNaija star and actress who physically looks fragile, it was obvious she is stronger inside after seeing her parasailing.

I can bet, only those who are strong and ready to take risk or dedicated to have fun come what may can parasail. For sure the daughter of Nlewedim is one of them.

Erica’s Exciting Moments in Ghana

After having so much fun in Dubai, she moved to Ghana where she was given a warm welcome by her Ghanian fans. The fun started for her right from the airport where cultural dance troop, bouquet of flower and lots of paparazzis were awaiting her arrival.

Again another surprise welcoming was prepared for her in the hotel room she is to be lodged.

Who would not melt if they open their room door, only to meet their name written on the bed with beautiful pebbles on the floor.

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