Merlin’s Astonishingly Different Looks (Pics)

Colin Morgan popularly known as Merlin is one Hollywood actor that can not be erased from the minds of those who saw the series “Merlin”, surely knows how to tweak his looks.

In the series, he was known as the young, naturally talented magician on whose shoulders the destiny of a whole kingdom was rested.

His short hair was the only thing that adorned his head while his chicks were bear. The young boy who always appears in a grey shirt and brown jacket and a red camisole looks astonishingly different in real life.

Talk of an actor who knows how to show up the way he desires to look, then think of Colin Morgan.

Colin, who turned 35 years on January 1, 2021, has remained a sweetheart to so many, not only because of his exceptional acting talent but also for his contagious smile, humour and dress sense.

Apart from his famous movie, he has featured in other films like Waiting for You, Fanny Ardan, Charles Garrad among many others.
Do you know how to change your look in an astonishing way like Merlin?

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