#MercyXIketheShow: Is Mercy’s House Audio, Gift or Rented?

Mercy and Her House

Finally, Mercy Eke, Winner of the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem Season has opened up on rumours spreading like wildfire about her newly acquired four-bedroom duplex, Lagos apartment worth 75 million naira.

She spoke her mind about the rumours on the second episode of her new TV reality show, What Next, she held a house warming party where about 30 celebrities, two of her boyfriend Ike’s aunties, and her former BBNaija housemates showed up.

While she was hosting her guests, she told them house happy and proud she is about her achievements so far, while clearing the air about the new apartment.

” I am happy to have you here today; this is my house, and you have come to celebrate with me at this house warming party.

#Mercyxiketheshow: Is Mercy'S House Audio, Gift Or Rented? 1
Mercy Eke At Her House Warming Party

” I am so proud of myself that I now have a house of my own, some people said I did not buy the house, some said it was a gift, another said it was audio, but today I can say this is my house.”

It would be recalled that Mercy Eke won prizes worth 60 million naira on the 2019 BBNaija Pepper Dem season, and announced that she just bought a new apartment in Lagos State, plus other business breakthroughs that have come her way since then.

Despite these, some people still wondered when and how she came across the 75 million naira she used in acquiring the four-bedroom duplex apartment she claimed was bought in her name.

Rumours aside, the house warming party was dope, with a lot of Celebrities in attendance. Cubana Chief Priest also showed up at the party to her excitement.

Though the most important attendee of the party for Mercy was definitely Ike, her lover, she also has his Aunties Cleopatra and Carol in attendance.

These incredible Mercy’s prospective in-laws did not come empty-handed; they came with a cooler filled with popular Igbo delicacy, “Ugba and stockfish.”

You can imagine how you will feel when you get such a gift at your house warming party. Such a beautiful set of prospective in-laws!

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