Mercy Eke Saves Little Girl and Dad After Accident

BBNaija season 4 winner, Mercy Eke saves little girl and her father after they were involved in a near-fatal accident.

A Twitter user with the handle @giftama shared the update with her followers as it was happening. According to Gift, a road user had bashed a Rolls Royce, and in an attempt to escape, he speedily ran a little girl and her father over.

Mercy Eke Saves Little Girl

From the video she shared, it was assumed that the little girl’s father died on the spot, but it was not confirmed. In a bid to save the girl’s life, a good samaritan quickly carried the injured girl and tried to rush her to the hospital, but other passersby were not paying him any mind. Luckily, Mercy was on the road at that time and quickly drove the girl and the samaritan in her car.

Mercy Eke Saves Little Girl And Dad After Accident 1

Gift also confirmed that the man who caused the accident was caught and taken to the hospital in Mercy’s car, and while he was panicking, she was trying her possible best to calm the man down.


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