Meet First Black Woman That Travels To Every Country In The World

Jessica Nobango is the first black woman to have┬átraveled to every country in the world. Nobango, with the help of friends from 84 countries, is delivering a “stay home” message in 75 languages.

“The world is our neighborhood and now more than ever we are seeing exactly how connected we are,” Nobango told “Good Morning America.” “We are all global citizens and never has this been more apparent than it is today.”

Naobongo uses her platform to “build community around our global shared experiences and responsible storytelling,” she said. You can follow her adventures at @thecatchmeifyoucan on all social platforms.

“Through my journey to visit every country in the world, I have learned first hand that most people are good, we are more similar than we are different and that we are truly connected, no matter where we are on the planet,” Nabongo said.

Source: Good Morning America

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