May 13: Top 3 Twitter Trends and Why on EveryEveryng

Twitter trends

Twitter trends would keep coming every day, no matter how much coronavirus, lockdown, or the social distancing order tries to make things difficult.

However, as they keep showing up, we will continue ensuring that you keep catching up on them, especially how they came to be.

So today, on everyeveryng, it is time for the underlying stories behind major twitter trends for the day. Enjoy!


There have been outrages on Twitter since the residence of California state go to know that the lockdown order on the state could be extended for another 3 months.

Lockdown On Twitter Trends
Lockdown On Twitter Trends

California has recorded about 2000 deaths from Coronavirus complications and the government is planning on returning lockdown as new cases of the virus are still being confirmed in the state.

Twitter users are however trending #3moremonths mostly in support of the love, and many think this is a step in a right direction since residents flaunted the sit-at-home order causing more increase in the number of confirmed cases.


ShekauCried was able to make it to Twitter Trends today after a video of the Book Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau crying went viral after an attack unleashed on his camp by the resilient Nigerian Army.

He was seen crying while condemning the attack of the Nigerian Army with the holy month of Ramadan.

Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau
Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau

Twitter users wondered how a man who has speared the killing of thousands of men, women, and children, while displacing thousands of survivors could be praying and asking for help.

It was a happy scene when Nigerians saw Shekau crying, so if you are surprised that anything made it to Twitter Trends today, this should not fall into that category.


Boluwatife is one of the most exciting trends on twitter today, and here is why. Boluwatife Balogun is the first son of Starboy, Ayo Balogun, Nigerian musician also known as Wizkid.

Boluwatife Balogun
Boluwatife Balogun

Boluwatife turns 9 today and his father Wizkid took to his twitter page to celebrate him, after which thousand of his fans followed suit.

Isn’t it awesome to be born by a star? However, if you think your parents are not “stars” in your world, then be one so that your children can be proud to call you a star.

Wait for more of these tomorrow, because stars are never clueless about the trends when you do that be sure you are a star because that’s how stars do.

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