Man Commits Suicide After Stabbing Wife To Death in Lekki


A man identified as Femi, has reportedly committed suicide just after stabbing his wife to death. The unfortunate incident was said to have occurred on Sunday, June 21 in their home situated in Victory Park Estate, Lekki, Lagos State.

According to reports, the couple alongside their young kids were new residents in the estate and none of their neighbours knew much about them yet. They were last spotted on Saturday night, June 20, just a day before the horrific incident jogging together in the estate.

An anonymous source narrated that there was loud music blasting from the couple’s home on that fateful Sunday afternoon disturbing the neighbours.

When they could not take the noise anymore, the neighbours went to the estate office to lodge a complaint and asked the officials to warn the couple. On getting to the apartment to caution the couple, the officials met the wife’s younger sister taking care of kids.

She went upstairs to inform her sister and brother-in-law about the neighbours’ complaints but did not get any response after knocking severally. After waiting a while, they decided to break down the door and that was when they discovered the dead bodies of husband and wife.

Bala Elakana, Spokesperson of the Lagos State said the murder was believed to have been pre-planned because Femi who was said to have always had doubts about the paternity of his kids and also when they gained access to the room, he had arranged different types of knives, had his wife’s hands and legs tied with her mouth covered.

The deceased woman was found with her hair shaved off and multiple stab wounds to her head, eyes and other parts of her body. The report said after stabbing his wife, the man proceeded to commit suicide by drinking sniper.

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