Man Brutalizes Fulani Herdsman After His Kidnap

A US-based Nigerian man identified as Chinweizu has reportedly dealt with a Fulani herdsman after he was kidnapped.

Everyeveryng gathered that the kidnappers, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, seized the man and an unidentified woman around 3pm on February 3, 2021, and took them into the forest.

A source close to Chinweizu said while inside the bush, three of the kidnappers left the male victim with one of their armed colleagues and took the young woman away to possibly rape her.

The US-based Nigerian man was said to have attacked the kidnapper when he turned his back on him.

Relating the story, the source said, “He (Chineweizu) kicked the kidnapper from behind and picked his gun and used it’s butt to consistently hit the eyes of the gang member until the white part of one of eyes almost popped  out.

He also stated that the kidnapped victim escaped with the kidnapper’s gun who is a Fulani after inflicting a serious injury on him.

The brutalized kidnapper’s cry was said to have made the others leave the woman and rushed to help him.

Chinweizu was said to have reported the matter to the Army and said the kidnappers would rush their colleague to a nearest hospital.

Some of the hospitals were informed about the development and on the same day, the kidnappers came to one of the hospitals with their injured colleague and were rounded up before being taken away by security operatives.

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The Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna, also confirmed the story.

He said that the suspected kidnappers seized Chinweizu and a woman after they had shot a 63-year-old man dead.

However, a source said only one of the hoodlums, a Fulani, was arrested.

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