Making Big Career Moves In This Era (part 1)

Often we find ourselves trying to make a career decision. It could be about taking a new job, staying at a job, learning a new skill, switching industries etc. Whatever the case may be, you have to think critically about what’s best. And sometimes you even need to schedule a appointment with a career counselor. Hopefully, you will come to a reasonable conclusion if you are wearing this shoe. However, here are five tips to get you ready for that big career decision. Because this list could get very long there is a second and third part to this post with more tips so check that out on

Be mentally ready

The objective of making a best career choice is very different from choosing a job as a good career choice that will provide you a certain lifestyle which you prefer. So always make the career choice only when you are completely ready to make this step in you life. This will only lead to pressure when you mature enough to make such a decision which may ruin you or build you life for a long time.

Don’t Get Influenced

This particular topic refers to the people in and around the same age group. Mainly at times when teenagers of the same age start talking about certain careers which they would like to pursue after they complete their studies. If there is a person who doesn’t know what career they would like following, they tend to get influenced by others present and act accordingly which may not be right for them as their career path. So the people at that age should realize that they are still immature and shouldn’t make career decisions at once.

Keep All Your Options

It is always preferred that you don’t narrow down your options but should broaden up your options just as a means to keep options available for certain different career choices which interests you. With this you can become flexible enough whenever you change your job.

Keep Your Greatest Strenghts In Mind

Any person should choose career according to their own greatest strengths as they will do well in
it, even though it refers to starting out in a particular course as a trainee or an intern. When you go according to your biggest attributes, you can find the career that completely fits your lifestyle and can help you grow faster professionally.

Take Aptitude Tests

When a person doesn’t know which career path they would love working in, then an aptitude test is the best way to understand interests and when their test is completed the evaluator understands where the best interests of the individual lies and what career path will suit them better. These kinds of tests can easily be taken in places such as a college or even done online for all students who want to pursue a certain career. Be careful with these steps, there’s no particular order, just pick what works! More coming up.

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