Makinde Talks About 2023 Presidency, Restructuring

The Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde has described the constitutional review embarked upon by the National Assembly as a waste of time. Makinde noted that the federal government should allow States to enforce the laws in their states to develop Nigeria.

During an interview marking the second anniversary of his administration, Governor Makinde also reacted to the 2023 Presidency and the calls for Yoruba Presidency. He said the most important thing, for now, is restructuring.

According to Makinde, the situation at hand is not about the 2023 Presidency; instead, Nigeria needs to become a country where people can actualise their dreams.

He added that Nigerians have legitimate reasons to be apprehensive about State policing, hence addressing their concerns.

While speaking on the ban of Open Grazing, Makinde said his administration signed the ban on open grazing in November 2019 and needed the support of the federal agencies for enforcement.

2023 Presidency

He further recalled that anti-open grazing was one of the resolutions made by the southern governors in Asaba. Meanwhile, Makinde said the crux is the restructuring of the country.

On security in Oyo State, Governor Makinde said security is a huge challenge in Nigeria, adding that the State is more secure than many states in Nigeria.

He described the Amotekun operationalisation as one the most prominent things put in place to tackle insecurity. Makinde added that his administration had in March 2021 set up the War Room (Security Task Force) and hold a weekly meeting to address security challenges in the State.

According to him, the Deputy Consular-General of the US Embassy visited the Security Control Room and commended it as one of the best he has seen anywhere globally.

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