Mabel, AY’s Wife Writes on Meeting Human Devil

Mabel Makun, AY’s wife writes on meeting with the devil who came to her in human form sometime in 2020.

The interior designer in commemoration of her 35th birthday, posted some really lovely pictures while taking us down memory lane of how her last year went.

AY’s Wife Writes About Experiencing Depression

Sharing with her followers on Instagram, she expressed gratitude to God, her husband and supportive friends and family who stood by her when she went through an episode that threw her into depression. Her caption read;

 “I am more than grateful to God. 2020 I met with the devil in human form and after that experience,depression got the very best of me. God you were there for me,you confirmed to me that I am truly the apple of your eye,If there was a time that I ever doubted your existence,forgive me. To my husband,friends and family,I appreciate you all from the depth of my heart 🙏💕”

Mabel, Ay'S Wife Writes On Meeting Human Devil

The comedian‘s wife is not one to be open with her private business hence no names were mentioned pertaining to this.

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