M.K.O Abiola: Family Attacks David Hundeyin Over Alleged Drug Involvement

The family of late politician Moshood Kashimawo Olawale, M.K.O Abiola, has responded to the “hard drugs” allegation by journalist David Hundeyin.

David Hundeyin had, in an article titled: “Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord to Presidential Candidate”, alleged that the late 1993 presidential aspirant was involved in the trading of drugs during his life.

Yushau Abiola, on behalf of the M.K.O Abiola’s family, released a statement claiming the report was false and unfounded.

Abiola’s family stated that the only evidence Hundeyin has to back his allegations was an American tabloid, Daily Beast, which he quoted.

“He gave the impression that the article in the Daily Beast was a recent article which drew a parallel between Bola Ahmed Tinubu and M.K.O. but this article was published in 2015,” the statement partly read.

“Hundeyin, beyond this article, failed to back up his allegation that in his research MKO’s name “kept coming up repeatedly as a comparison to Nigeria’s telfon Asiwaju. Strange is it not, that he provided no other evidence of same? Some research. An investigative journalist, indeed,” the statement continued.

Yushau Abiola also revealed that non of their father’s accounts was frozen, as claimed in the article, as he was the only Nigerian who had the privilege to visit the United States without his international passport.

The statement further read, “When this unfounded allegation first appeared in the said American tabloid in 2015, we confronted John Campbell, a former US ambassador to Nigeria, who was alleged to have said that MKO was accused of narcotics trading.

“He said that he knew of nothing concrete but a rumour he had heard from some in the military leadership, which he presumed was being peddled by persons who sought a justification for the annulment of the June 12 election.”

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