Lyrics of Calling By Tim Godfrey

One of the latest songs by gospel artists is ‘Calling’ by Tim Godfrey and here is the lyrics of the worship song.

Tim Godfrey is one of Nigeria’s finest gospel music artist. His song ‘Nara’ with American gospel artist, Travis Greene is still one of the best worship songs in this part of the world.

The Rox Nation label owner hasn’t stopped to produce music that connects believers to God and has dropped another soul lifting sound titled ‘Calling’.

Tim Godfrey
Tim Godfrey

This song, Calling will help bring back your steps if you have missed it. The House on The Rock worship minister came through on this one and is definitely going to change lives.

Lyrics of Calling by Tim Godfrey

Here is the lyrics of Calling by Tim Godfrey.

Lyrics Of Calling By Tim Godfrey 1
Lyrics of Calling

How many times you keep calling my name

Back to you

How many times I keep going my way far from you

How many times do I go against your will (Jesus)

How many times you keep forgiving (Jesus)

You keep waiting for me

Waiting. waiting for me Jesus (2x)


I’m running, running, back to you

Running, running, back to you (2x)

I hear you calling my name, calling my name,

Calling, calling my name (2x)

Running, running, back to you (2x)

You’ve got my attention, you’ve got my attention

There’s no hesitation, there’s no hesitation to you Jesus

No! No!! No!!!

Calling my name, you calling my name

I hear you calling my name

Running, running, back to you (2x)

My saviour

Running, running, back to you (2x)

My redeemer

I hear you calling my name (Till music fades).

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