Lucy and Tochi Team Up Against Ka3na

A day after her 30th birthday, Lucy and Tochi team up against BBNaija colleague, Ka3na and the reason will thrill you.

Yesterday, Lucy edet turned 30 and was celebrated by her family, friends and fans who showed immense love for her even to the point of throwing her a bash.

However, in the midst of all that, one could not help but notice that somewhere in the myriad of good wishes Lucy got, Ka3na had wished her a happy birthday.

This came as a surprise to many, including Lucy seeing that Ka3na made a fuss of unfollowing a blocking Lucy months ago. Reacting to the birthday wish, Lucy blatantly told her off. She said to Ka3na;

“…don’t toy with my feelings…Please don’t”

Lucy And Tochi Team Up Against Ka3Na 1

Lucy and Tochi Team Up

It seems Tochi caught a whiff of how Lucy felt getting that message because he also dropped a shade for Ka3na on his Twitter page. He called her fake for daring to wish Lucy a happy Birthday despite their fall-out. He wrote;

“Someone you blocked and left at the time they needed you! you come Dey wish am happy birthday <Fake as*”

Lucy And Tochi Team Up Against Ka3Na 2

It is unsure whether the birthday wish was an olive branch from Ka3na to Lucy in an attempt to mend their broken friendship but Lucy is not having it, neither is the third-part- Tochi.

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