Lockdown: Let’s Look Into The Armed Robber’s Mind

Armed robbers have taken over so many communities since the lockdown order has been enforced in so many states across Nigeria. The lockdown order and Coronavirus are presently not only affecting the economy and killing, but it is also encouraging armed robbery across the country.

There have been cries of increased robberies as hunger and starvation is stepping into the homes of many average, poor and the poorest of the poor as being categorised by the Federal Government.

No matter the excuse you give in defence of this increase in armed robbery attacks, being robbed at gun or even mere stick point is not an experience to look forward to.

States like Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), Abuja are already recording alarming increase in this robbery attacks even during the day. Residents of these locations who are left with little or no options have resolved to form vigilante groups to secure themselves.

Muhammed A. Adamu
Inspector-General of Police, Muhammed A. Adamu

The security agencies say there are rising up to the development and will not spare anyone caught in sauce act, we need to look into the armed robber’s mind to beat them to their game.

The Armed Robber’s Mind

Kitchen Door

The armed robber always will want to take advantage of your forgetfulness and weakness, so he always thinks you will not lock your kitchen door well. In his mind, he thinks your kitchen door is not strong and you do not have a burglary there so he wants to come in through your kitchen door. You know what beat him to his game by ensuring you get a stronger door, burglary and always close them. Do you get that?

Armed Robbers Trying To Gain Entrance
Armed Robbers Trying To Gain Entrance

Armed Robber Does Not Like Heros

Behaving like an hero or heroine before an armed robber is not the way to go, remember this is not a movie. Do not try to do anything stupid to stop them from gaining entrance, you have to be sure your step is smart. Do not rush to push back the door, you could be shot.

Hiding Money and Phone

Two things are involved here, if unfortunately an armed robber gains entrance into your house and you try to hide money, in his mind, you are wasting his time and trying to be smart and he would not like that. Please do not try to hide things he can find out by chance, some of them are high on something before coming, they do not think rationally at that point.

Secondly, please take your mobile phones far away from you even if you called or alert someone about the robbery successfully before the unfortunate event. having your phone close to you is a bad signal to an armed robber.

Robbing At Gun Point
Robbing At Gun Point

However, you can help your neighbour by calling the police if there are the victim. But remember, you need to be smart and talk at the lowest volume of your voice while doing that.

Light, Look and Chase

In an armed robber’s mind, looking into his face is one of the most provocative. he thinks you are trying to recognise him after the scenario, and you don’t want him to think that way. If no light was on in your house before they come, please do not put any on. Also, do not chase him or them after he or they leave your house. This is dangerous, leave them to God or the police to chase and find.

Those are some of the things you will see on the mind of an armed robber, even without the aid of torchlight. Be careful and remember these always, you will never be a host to these unscrupulous people.

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