Lizzy Anjorin In DNA Test & COVID-19 Brouhaha

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin has taken to her Instagram page to state that DNA test has overtaken coronavirus test.

The controversial actress shared posts about one of the trending topics in Nigeria right now which is ‘DNA test’.

This is coming after the issue of a Nigerian man who lost his life after finding out that he had fathered two kids that belonged to his wife’s boss.

According to the thespian, many homes will be broken and children will be put in trauma because of the DNA issue.

She wrote, “DNA test don overtake coronavirus test bayi?? Plenty home to scatter, plenty men to die, plenty children to put into deadly trauma.

Lizzy Anjorin Talks About Dna Test
Lizzy Anjorin talks about DNA test

In another post she made in Yoruba language, she laid more emphasis on DNA test ruining families.

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Lizzy Anjorin’s caption in her mother tongue states that the devil has come with his full band but will not play the tune of DNA to her family and the families of her followers.

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