Laycon Rants After Headies Nomination Snub

Former Big Brother Naija winner Olamilakan Agbeleshe, popularly known as Laycon, is disappointed after missing recognition with an award nomination.

Laycon, also a musician and rapper, expressed his displeasure after being omitted from the nomination list for the 2022 Headies Award. 

In a series of lengthy tweets on Wednesday, the rapper stated that he would be lying if he said he does not feel dejected at not being nominated in any category.

Laycon Consoles Self

The 28-year-old stated that he puts a lot of passion into his music, and he felt “some type of way”  after none of his tracks made the nomination lists.

“I have never been a fan of judging people with the adjective “BEST”, however, I see awards as a compliment, something to tell you “Hey! we see everything you’ve done and we think you should get this for your efforts”. This doesn’t mean every other person didn’t put in work !!!,” Laycon tweeted. 

He continued, “Even TV stations, radio stations, OAPs etc. get “awards” for their efforts, doesn’t take away from the work every media body or personnel put into growing the industry tbh. But when you work hard and you feel like you don’t get recognition for your work, your emotions set in.”

However, Laycon noted that he understands not everyone will get nominations, as those who got nominated would also be disappointed at not winning the awards. 

Expressing how he felt, the reality star wrote, “I Dey emotional so I no go lie say a part of me no want award, because, for someone coming from where I came from, a lot of people think I don’t deserve half of what I have and what I’m getting, so I’ve had to do double of whatever it is you’re supposed to do in this industry.”

Laycon revealed that the consolation he gets from all of his works is the joy and happiness he feels knowing that his music touches people’s lives, describing it as an award on its own.

He wrote, “But what matters is You and the gift you have, use it and use it well, change lives and impact your society, that’s the real award.

“Congratulations to the nominees of the Headies, congratulations to the organizers. I go wear another Big Shoe come this year.” 

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