BBNaija 2020: Laycon Raises Alarm As Neo Loses Control Of Emotions, Leaves Garden To Hide Exposure

Laycon and Neo

Neo lost control of his emotions on Friday night while the housemates were having fun with loud music, some alcoholic drinks and swimming in the jacuzzi.

While Neo and some other housemates were swimming in the jacuzzi, his BBNaija sweetheart, Vee stayed away just as she did last week. She was having fun on her own and she keeps cheering those swimming up.

At a point, Neo left the jacuzzi to meet his babe and they had conversations that were not so audible, but Neo during that period was trying to kiss Vee and she avoided it several times.

The housemates were however shocked when Laycon raised an alarm about what he noticed on Neo. Laycon shouted, asking why Neo was having a protussion in his trouser. When the other housemates tried to have a glimpse of what was happening to Neo he tried to convince them that nothing was going on.

Laycon who obviously knew what was going on insisted that Neo was having an erection and he can’t deny it. He advised him to go into the room to get himself settled and control him emotions.

When Neo saw that he could not help himself with a shallow denial, he left the garden with Vee and it was certain that that was the only solution to the scenario his emotion has created for him.

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