Laycon, Nengi, Neo, Others Start 2021 With Funny Expressions (See Pics)

2021 Expressions

Laycon, winner of the BBNaija 2020 Lockdown season 5 has revealed his first picture for the year 2021,with a funny expression.

His first picture of the year though looks cool and beautiful as usual, some of his fans have continued to ask him why he made the pose.

Laycon 2021 Expression
Laycon 2021 Expression

Asa is one of the beautify stars Nigeria has produced to the world and she has never disappointed.

She is not one to always show in public space or drag for attention on social media, however, her first 2021 picture is thought provoking.

After reading the caption she gave the picture and then take time to check the picture, you will be confused about either to laugh or respond with a question.

She wrote, “Happy new year my love. You will do incredible things” So lets ask, doing incredible things starts with taking picture with a cock?

You take a look and leave a comment.

Asa'S 2021 Expression
Asa’s 2021 Expression

Venita Akpofure is another Nigerian celebrity who has showed up on social media with a January 1, 2021 amazing picture.

She is also a January 1 born which makes the day more special to her than others, just as it is for Nengi.

As it has become a tradition to get a photo shot to celebrate one’s birthday, Venita came up with something amazing.

She took a picture lying amidst different species of pepper, and you will want to ask “is it because she was part of the BBNaija Pepper Dem edition, or she just want to pepper us?”

Laycon, Nengi, Neo, Others Start 2021 With Funny Expressions (See Pics) 1

Nengi Rebecca Hampson, also one of the BBNaija season 5 ex-housemate has shown his face for the first time in the new year.

Though it is a different feeling for Nengi who is celebrating her 23rd birthday today, she has posted some beautiful pictures to celebrate her day.

One of the pictures showed the ex-beauty queen with a beautify expression and you will not fail to ask, the question, “Nengi Why?”

Nengi'S 2021 Expression
Nengi’s 2021 Expression

Neo who many say is the lord of drips has posted his first picture of the year. You might not expect anything less from Neo, but these pictures are not what you will see and pass without dropping a comment.

Neo'S 2021 Expression
Neo’s 2021 Expression

Vee did not come last on the list of the BBNaija stars who came out with special pictures to begin the year.

Though she claimed she styled herself and also did her make-up, she still looked radiant as ever.

You might give her a mark you think she deserves for those, but let us talk about her 2021 facial expression.

Vee and Neo have told us that they have a thing for each other, so seeing them with dresses of similar colours might not be that shocking.

Another thing you might want to take note of is the background of their pictures. If you know, you know.

Vee'S 2021 Expression
Vee’s 2021 Expression

Brighto sure looks good and might get a lot of amazing reactions when his name is mentioned but his pictures are always worth buying for record purpose.

His first picture in 2021 is dope and signals a year filled with beauty. Brighto is not known to smile a lot, but if you “apply pressure he might juts smile.”

Brighto'S 2021 Expression
Brighto’s 2021 Expression

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