Laila unfollows her Husband, co-wife, Regina Daniels

Co-wife to actress Regina Daniels, Laila, unfollows her and husband Ned Nwoko.

The actress, who celebrated her birthday over the weekend, shared photos and videos of her day well spent with her husband and son, who also shared.

Following that, people reacted by commenting on Ned Nwoko’s post by asking questions like, 

“abi na only Regina this man marry, post others too na” and he responded with “it is not every wife that wants to be in the public space. Some are very contented in their privacy. Moon is my youngest for now and deserves every love and attention. In any event, Gina loves good pictures, and I can’t but admire some of the great pictures she takes so often. In other words, if I see great pictures, I will post them.

However, Laila unfollowed her husband and co-wife on Instagram, though it is unsure when she unfollowed them. Still, it is coming after the former lawmaker told his followers that he always posts the actress because she is his youngest wife and needs love and attention.  

It also comes as a shock because Regina and Laila are close.

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