Lady Tells How Her Igbo Boyfriend’s Parent Reacted To Pizza She Offered

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  • Lady offers boyfriend's parent pizza which got the relationship cancelled

A young Nigerian lady identified as Chidinma has stirred some media when she went on Twitter to talk about what happened in her previous relationship.

She narrated how an Igbo man she was dating “stood cowardly” while his family ended their relationship because they came to visit him and they served them pizza instead of some other kind of food.

4 years after the relationship was cancelled because she didn’t go to the kitchen to sweat because of food, the lady said her new boyfriend’s family who are Yorubas didn’t see anything wrong with her giving them pizza.

The Twitter user @chidinmanjoku2 wrote, 4 years ago an Igbo man stood cowardly while his family cancelled me because they came to visit him and we served them pizza instead of food that I did sweat in the kitchen to cook.

In a Twitter thread, she narrated how she was loved by the family of the Yoruba man she’s dating now.

Aunty Chidimma, I will buy you a gift basket next time you come to my house”. she said of the guy’s 4-year-old niece.

“His cousin rings, “Chidimma I just drove past your house and remembered you. Come over tomorrow with your sisters and have lunch with us.”

“His mum: “I will tell your boyfriend to bring your Christmas package next month.

The lady stated that none of them have eaten her cooked food but they have actually eaten pizza many times.

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After sharing her story, many Twitter users lambasted her for having the audacity to serve her man’s parents some pizza instead of a proper homecooked meal.

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