Lady Drinks Semen As COVID-19 Vaccine (Pic)

A vegan bodybuilder identified as Tracy Kiss has got people talking about the use of semen to fight COVID-19.

She revealed her secret to keeping Covid-19 away – stockpiling semen and sinking some less than appetizing smoothies.

Tracy Kiss went viral last year when she revealed that she swears by the bizarre concoction – which she discovered after calling on her boyfriend to help keep her healthy during the pandemic.

The fitness fanatic says that more people should give semen smoothies a whirl.

Now she has vowed to keep drinking her special formula as she awaits her vaccine.

Tracy Kiss Uses Semen To Fight Covid-19
Tracy Kiss uses semen to fight covid-19

In her words, “I haven’t had a cold or flu in years – I don’t remember the last time I was sick, simply because I lead a healthy, active lifestyle and consume semen on a regular basis.

“I think if a lot more people knew the benefits of consuming semen, they would definitely treat it as the precious entity that it is.” she said.

Tracy says while the world is looking for a way out of COVID-19, she has found hers through semen.

Asides using semen as her covid-19 vaccine, she also use it on her skin as a homeopathic rosacea treatment.

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