Korra Obidi Replies Reporters With Curses

US-based Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has rained curses on the people who have been reporting to her to child protective services.

The embattled singer took to her social media page to place curses on anonymous people falsely reporting of abusing her children. 

The mother of two is in a child’s custody battle with her estranged husband Dean Smith who announced their divorce a week after the birth of their second child. 

Korra Obidi shared a video where she asked questions on why she is being targeted, and why anyone would want her children taken from her. 

Korra Obidi said, “Some of you people have been reporting me to child protective services and trying to make me look like a bad mum. For some reason, I don’t know why you are doing that I don’t know what I’m doing in this world that makes you want to take my kids from me. 

“What am I doing wrong? Because I have the courage to live outside of what society thinks that a woman should do. You think to call me a bad mum and to call child protective services against me.” 

The 27 year old took it to another level further as she opened a rain of curses saying, “Everything you hold dear in life, you’ll lose everything, you will be stripped of everything you love and that is in the God that I serve…

“You can try everything you want but you will never take my kids from me. I am not a crack head, I am a responsible human being, I am a mother, Everything I do and every decision I make revolve around my kids.”

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