Korra Obidi Breaks Silence, Gives Estranged Husband 24Hours to Respond

US-based Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has finally broken her silence over the ongoing divorce rancour with her Justin Dean.

In a live Facebook video on Saturday, the mother of two accused Dean of stealing from her after she mistakingly sent $5000 into their joint account, which he immediately emptied.

The embattled dancer said she could no longer be silent over her marriage, as she has been silent because the “internet never forgets,” and she needs to protect her children.

The 27-year-old lamented that she never knew she would have to pay so much for a lawyer despite Dean being the reason she is in court.

Korra Obidi further disclosed that her estranged doctor husband stole from her and her girls, and after she messaged him to refund the money, Dean was not coming forth.

“He just wants us to be homeless. I made the money for my girls, from my promotion, I sent it for rent, but he’s stealing from us. I know I have to be strong, but this is someone that comes online tarnishing my image and my reputation,” Korra stated.

She further stated that she is ready to fight because Dean is taking advantage of her silence.

“I am not the first woman to get a divorce in America, and I would not be the last,” she said.

Korra Obidi threatened that if Dean refuses to return the money by the end of the day, she will come on live again to spill her truth and tell everything that brought them to this point.

Justin Dean had filed for a divorce to end his marriage with the singer, which is still under processing.

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