Kiddwaya Suddenly Becomes Motivational Speaker

Big Brother Naija Lockdown star, Terseer Waya, popularly known as Kiddwaya, in a recent tweet has expressed a side of him that probably not many people are aware of.

In the tweet, Kiddwaya expressed sympathy with a follower in mourning after losing a couple of family members. He spoke words of encouragement to the follower while assuring that she was not alone.

Quoting the follower’s tweet, he said,

“More sleepless nights will come, the days will feel longer. The pain will grow, but so will your strength. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldier and this battle was given to you. You may feel alone but I can assure you, you are not. We are all with you.

Kiddwaya Suddenly Becomes Motivational Speaker 1

This affectionate and empathetic side expressed by Kiddwaya has surely increased the love of his fans for him and endeared him to more people.

The follower would definitely deeply appreciate those nice words spoken by the reality TV star to her during her trying times.

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