Kiddwaya Reflects On Hate While In Hospital

Reality TV star, Terseer ‘Kiddwaya’ Waya has reflected on hate while on the sickbed.

Reflecting on his experience while he was admitted to the hospital, he stated that hate is a silent killer.

According to him, he loves everyone irrespective of how others feel about him because at the end of the day, hating someone is not worth it.

Kiddwaya made this known after telling his fans and followers that he will be back to his feet.

He tweeted, ‘The truth is. I love everyone. Whether you hate me or love me I still love you. Because at the end of the day when your by yourself in hospital sick. You look back and think.

Why do I hate this person? In the long run, it really isn’t worth it. Hate is a silent killer” he added.

Meanwhile, the billionaire’s son is set to start a mini reality TV show of his own on YouTube.

Kiddwaya has used his social media platforms to talk about his ‘big movie’ which has got his fans and followers anticipating.

In other news, BBN winner, Laycon, will also start his own reality TV show ‘I Am Laycon‘ on Showmax by February 2021.

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