Kiddwaya Receives Funniest BBNaija Gift

Kiddwaya has trilled his fans on Instagram on Saturday, considering the way he engaged them in a funny game and contribution.

The BBNaija and son of Nigerian billionaire posted a question on his Instagram page to request that he be asked any question.

In one of the posts he said he needed to buy chin-chin and he got a swift response from one of his followers who volunteered to send him some money.

That was the way the contribution began and his fans took the exercise so serious that he got enough to get his desire.

Just as he promised, he indeed got the chin-chin for himself, took a picture of it and posted it on his Instagram page.

Kiddwaya Receives Funniest Bbnaija Gift
Kiddwaya Receives Funniest BBNaija Gift

Call this a gift from the Wire Dem Gang members to their favourite lockdown housemate.

As funny as it looks and sounds that Kiddwaya would get money from his fans to buy himself chin-chin, it was a well appreciated gift that got a lot of engagement for him this weekend.

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