Kiddwaya Publicly Shuns Erica’s Advances

Just last weekend, Erica Nlewedim celebrated her birthday party that had the entertainment A-listers in attendance but the fans are concerned about Kiddrica boat as Kiddwaya publicly shuns Erica.

The star girl Erica turned 27 on Saturday and was all smiles seeing how the Elites came through for her with thoughtful gifts. Her overly joyful moments were duly captured during her Hollywood themed party but one other moment that was taken was when Kiddwaya refused her dance advances.

Kiddwaya publicly shuns Erica on her birthday

In the recorded clip, Erica was dancing and then beckoned to her one-time love interest, Kiddwaya who was seated just behind Praise for a dance.

It seemed as though Kidd was in no mood to dance as he refused Erica by shaking his fingers. The reason for this refusal is unknown but the fans have jumped into their own conclusions.

Some say it is because Kiddrica ship has been broken beyond repair, others believe Kiddwaya was trying to avoid backlash while another set have asked the trolls to let him go as he may not have been in a dancing mood.


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