Kiddwaya Hits Nigerians Back After They Went for Him

Kiddwaya Hits Nigerians Back

Kiddwaya Hits Nigerians Back

Kiddwaya has hit back at Nigerians after they threw hot shades at him over his recent Instagram post.

The former BBNaija housemate’s recent post where he stressed that he is not a king nor a star has earned him hips of insults from Nigerians who think he talks too much.

Some of the comments on the post blamed BBNaija for Kiddwaya’s actions and some people think he is immature and childish wit his social media activities.

Meanwhile, in a swift reaction, he hit back at those who as did not go soft on him with their comments.

In his response, her stated that they people whose comments were harsh on his post should have channeled their energy on better things.

“If only they Channelled the same energy to their constituencies.”

The back and forth has continued over his recent comment and it might not be ending soon.

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