Kelly Hansome Sets Trap For Linda Ikeji

Kelly Hansome, a Nigerian singer has taken to social media to blast popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji.

In a lengthy Instagram caption, Kelly Hansome called on people to help him beg Ikeji to stop writing defaming stories about him.

The singer in his post abused Linda Ikeji physical appearance and then vowed to take step by opening a blog to attack her and other bloggers who mentions his name on their posts.

He went on to state that the matter would be her downfall if she doesn’t take to his warning.

He wrote, “Can somebody pls beg/appeal to @officiallindaikeji to leave me the hell alone with her smelling Cutchie, captions & dirty skin? Watch your captions when next U write about people girl, especially me. 

The next time U and/or your writers mention my name alongside another reckless caption without respect, I will open up a blog specifically for U & other bloggers who think they’re crazy & serve y’all a little bit of what U’ve been serving people for years now

Kelly Hansome Blasts Linda Ikeji
Kelly Hansome blasts Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria, so it is no wonder she is often associated with scandals and insults.

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She was also involved in a serious fight on social media with Wizkid a few years ago which got her to involve the police.

Kelly Hansome is popular for hit song such as ‘Maga Don Pay’, ‘Like Play‘ and so on.

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