Kate Henshaw Calls Out Pharmacy for Ignoring First Aid Help

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw called out a pharmacy in Lagos for refusing to give her domestic staff first aid after she was stabbed. 

On Wednesday, the actress shared the news of an attack on her domestic staff, stabbed, and was rejected at a clinic that claimed not to treat knife wounds. 

Updating the story on Thursday, Kate Henshaw revealed that it was not a clinic that rejected her staff but a pharmacy. 

The 50-year-old revealed that she was invited to the Bar Beach police station by DPO Taiwo Oyewale who helped unravel the incident. 

Narrating the incident Kate Henshaw tweeted, “After she was stabbed in front of some people who saw the whole incident but offered no help, a mobile policeman then took her to Mopheth Pharmacy on Adeola Adeku( so it was not a hospital/clinic she went to as she told me on the phone). She showed her wounds & asked for help.

“They said they don’t treat wounds but that she could buy the items she needed. She then asked them if she bought, who would help her with the stuff she was told she could buy…no response… She was then helped to a hospital where she got treatment.” 

She further stated that the pharmacy was invited for questioning, but they refused to show up, claiming those on duty the previous day were unavailable today. 

“I drove to Mopheth Pharmacy to speak to the manager, Mrs Oyewole. I asked her why they did not offer first aid at least to someone in need of help, she said they are not trained to give first aid, only to sell medicine,” she continued. 

“My question now is & forgive me if I sound stupid, if you are the nearest point of help, point of contact that one can reach to get help, you will not be equipped to do so?? Only to sell medicine? Even to offer temporary relief?” Kate Henshaw questioned. 

She further appreciated the DPO for the help and admonished pharmacies to do better because the ordinary man sees them as a safe place that offers medical aid at the very least.

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