Kardashians: Kylie Jenner 3-Minutes Private Jet Flight Sparks Hate Speech

Kylie Jenner of the Kardashians recently took a three-minute flight on her private jet to a destination that would have only taken 40 minutes by road.

Immediately after American citizens learnt about her luxurious short trip, they quickly jumped on Twitter to start shading the celebrity.

Tweeps Blast Kylie Jenner

A post from @atipotter7 described Kylie Jenner with some unpublishable words, stressing that she cares less for the environment in regards to carbon emission and shows complete indifference to the people in the lower income bracket.

Similarly, @annetteeooo tweeted that while almost everyone is guilty of polluting the air, there is an exception to what Kylie did and is doing.

Kardashians: Kylie Jenner 3-Minutes Private Jet Flight Sparks Hate Speech

She hinted that it would take almost a year for the average folks in America to mess up the atmosphere to a critical level, while it takes the likes of Kylie and other wealthy celebrities a day to do likewise.

She insisted that the government make laws that limit wasteful travels like the one the KimKardashian‘s sister embarked on lately.

@Noellegxo explained the situation better for people to understand what damage multiple trips from jets could do to the environment.

The tweep opined that such flights pollute the air ten times more than commercial flights and fifty times more than a single train.

Expressing disappointment at the gesture from the celebrity, @grb090423 tweeted that “It’s not just KylieJenner. It’s all the rich, over-privileged people – monarchs, CEOs, heads of government – who knowingly turn their gaze away from our burning planet.”

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