Kanye West Releases New Yeezy Sneaker In Style

Kanye West has released the much anticipated new Yeezy Sneaker named Quantum. American rapper turned gospel artist, Kanye West was seen sitting with wife, Kim Kardashian and Grammy award winner, J Cole in the just concluded Basketball All-Star Weekend. Earlier, Kanye West and his team drove around his hometown of Chicago to give out free pairs of his new Yeezy Sneaker.

Yeezy Sneaker Joins Kanye West’s Yeezy Collections

Yeezy Sneaker which is the Adidas Quantum sneaker joins the Yeezy collection. Kanye West’s fashion line, Yeezy has been pulling more weight. Adding to the Yeezy’s collection is a new sneaker that can be used on basketball court by NBL players. One of his collection is the lacerated shirt that went viral when released some years ago. The new sneaker is also a trendsetting collection with a reflective heel.

Kanye West Releases New Yeezy Sneaker In Style
Yeezy Sneaker Rocked By Kanye West

Kanye West and his team made a significant move as they loaded multiple pairs of the new Yeezy Quantum basketball sneaker. The sneakers were given to those who are willing to give up the shoes on their feet. Other sneakers and shoes were given in exchange for the Yeezy Quantum Sneakers.

The Quantum sneaker was seen on Kanye West and his team in 2018. Many of his followers and fans have been anticipating the release of the reflective heel sneakers since then.

This new Yeezy sneakers called Quantum is officially set to be released after this move made by the music veteran. It is said to be released at selected stores in the Chicago area for $250 in two versions; a basketball version and a lifestyle version.

Although it was rumored in 2018 that this new Yeezy sneakers might be banned from the NBA because of its unique feature i.e. the reflective heel, it has been quashed by NBA spokesperson who says it has not been submitted for review.

Yeezy fans and fashion lovers can’t wait to get a feel of this new Yeezy sneaker.

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