Jun 2: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On EveryEvery

For today, the top 3 Twitter trends seem related and their background stories are what you will not want to miss. Though they might not all be pleasant, but they are catalysts to making our world better.

We sure need to heal our world at this point and Twitter has brought some Twitter trends to aid that. 

Twitter Trends


This is an emotional #tag among the Twitter trends today and you can not exhaust the points that could be brought out of what this means to a lot of people especially to women who have been victims of rape and different forms of molestations.

#whyididntreport, just as it sounds, many women who have been raped and or assaulted one time or the order failed to speak up about their experiences for so many reasons.

Even parents of such victims sometimes fail to speak up, or fight for their children for so many reasons.

Whatever their reasons for not reporting are, they have promoted this inhuman acts and justice has not been served in so many of these cases. These beasts involved in these acts go free, and jumping from one girl to another.

Say No To Rape
Say No To Rape

Age, relationship, decency or comportment does not make you escape rape in our society of today.

Many people fail to report rape because “ their rapists apologised later, I mean he said he was sorry and that was it.’

Some others did not report because their rapist blamed it on alcohol. “I was drunk, I did not know what I was doing. It happened under influence.”

In some other cases, the victims were blamed for it. They were told they were indecently dressed, you seduced the man.” To others, they were ashamed to talk about it, stigmatisation would not allow them report it.

No reason is good enough not to report rape, even if he is your husband, sibling or father. #whyididntreport is part of today’s Twitter trends and Twitter users are doing a good job with it.

We say not to rape and we mean it.


Racism has been a problem all over the world and it seems the time to fight back dirty is here finally. Though sometimes the price to pay for such revelation might be huge but what can we do.

The death of George Floyd in America recently has spurred a fresh fight against racism across the world.

So as a way to give backing to this fight, Spotify and SiruisXM used its Blackout Tuesday to acknowledge George Floyd’s death. The music industry decided to go silent in symbolic moments of silence to show its displeasure.

#BlackOutTuesday does not need too much explanations, but we can call the whole year BlackOut2020 if that would help fight racism and also end rape.

Todays Twitter trends are so much important than the entertainment aspect of it, Twitter users have helped a good deal by trending this #tag all we need to do is to join and make it count.

Nigerian Police

The Nigerian police have been in the news and also on the social media for different reasons and mostly not for a good reason, and todays case is not so palatable as well.

Some Twitter users started trending “ Nigeria Police” because they claimed the Nigerian Police criticised  American police for killing George Floyd.

Another reason that made Nigerian Police find its way to be among the Twitter trends because they wished they can behave like the American police officers who joined the protest against racism and the killing of George.

Nigerian Police
Nigerian Police

For some other Twitter users, they used the opportunity talk about their experiences in the hands of the Nigerian Police.

You needed to see the funny pictures of Nigerian Police officers who were  caught drunk and sleeping on the floor, officers pushing faulty van and one of the funniest was that of a police man who took his gun for repairs at a welder’s workshop.

You know so much about the Nigerian Police already, but that it was among the Twitter trends for today helped as a good distraction from the unhappiness and protests rocking the world.

Apart from the protests, rape and racism, compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to smile a bit. We will like more of this kind of Twitter trends that would lighten our moods.

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