Juliet Ibrahim Floors Fan For Praising Her

Juliet Ibrahim floors fan for paying her compliments and the reason is not as out of place as you might think.

The Ghanaian actress had a admiring fan thinking about his decision after he posted a picture of her in a swimsuit with the caption,

Ratio’d with a picture of a thick baby with no belle!!”

Juliet Ibrahim Floors Fan For Praising Her 1

Much to his surprise, Juliet was not impressed with his flattery. Instead she cautioned him against making other women who did not have access to professional photography feel bad about their bodies.

Juliet Ibrahim Floors Fan

In fact, she went to tell him that her tummy was not as flat as he thought because she has always had a pot belly from childhood. She said,

“FYI, I do have belle! I have a Natural pot belle oo,and it protrudes every time I eat too much, bloat or stop working out, know why?Because I AM A WOMAN! Stop making women to feel less beautiful when they don’t look like your favorite celebrities edited or perfect angled photos dear,”

Juliet Ibrahim Floors Fan For Praising Her 2
Juliet Ibrahim Floors Fan over compliment

Juliet Ibrahim is all for body/self-confidence especially for women and this is not the first time she making a statement about it.


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