Judging Matters: Man Blames 2Yrs Debt on Coronavirus

Judging Matters

Judging Matter, a new legal Legal reality TV show owned by Media Personality, Ebuka- Obi Unchendu had a particular case to handle between two friends and business partners, leaving those who witnessed the court session laughing uncontrollably.

The plaintiff, Tochukwu Anyansi, dragged his customer Ikenna Ana who is the defendant to Judging Matters over the debt he has owned him since August 2018 and has refused to pay since then.

Judging Matters: Man Blames 2Yrs Debt On Coronavirus 1
Plantiff, Tochukwu Anyansi

According to him, he sells men wears, and he gave 150 pieces of men jean trousers to Ana at the rate of N2,800 each totalling N440,000 on credit, and he was meant to pay back pithing 3 to 5 months as usual, but things did not work well this time.

After paying N340,000 of the debt, and still owing N100,000 he has refused to pay, which made him report the case at the Kester Police Station but nothing profitable came out of it, and that was how he found himself on Judging Matters.

However, immediately he mentioned that he reported the case at a police station, Justice Olusola Williams enlightened him that a police station is meant to handle criminal cases and not for debt recoveries.

In his defence, Ikenna Ana, said he was duped by another business partner adding that the has not been able to make many sales for a while due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown affecting the whole world, especially businesses.

Judging Matters: Man Blames 2Yrs Debt On Coronavirus 2
Dfendant Ikenna Ana

His statement did not only infuriate Ebuka, the general counsel it also pissed Justice Williams off. She asked if Coronavirus was responsible for the over two years delay in paying his debt.

She, however, turned down his four months grace to pay off his debt and ruled that he pays back in whole and far before his four months requested grace.

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