Journalist Exposes Secret Behind Mizwanneka’s Huge Sales

Popular Instagram hair vendor, Mizwanneka reportedly lures clients with black magic.

This report was made by a non-profit, investigative journalism foundation that set out to combat all forms of injustice by carrying out finding and holding individuals and bodies accountable.

In the expose on Nwanneka Dorcas Nkumah, who is the owner of Mizwanneka hair, they had reports from several customers who had dealt business with Wanneka stating that she had mastered the art of false representation to deprive her customers of what they paid for.

The sample customers gave several submission of fraud, extortion and manipulation and harassment. They all accused her of advertising good quality human hair, but she either refuses to deliver or delivers fake products when paid for the advertised product.

How Mizwanneka Reportedly Lures Clients

An anonymous submission alleged that Mizwanneka uses popular sexual aphrodisiac turned charm, Kayan Mata, to lure her clients. She said she was so sure of this because she knew that Nwanneka was a regular customer of Kayan Mata seller, Miwa Signatures. The anonymous victim who went by the name grace said that this explains why people still flood her page to patronize her knowing he fraudulent her business is.

More investigations carried out on her page revealed multiple fake pages opened to troll some of the alleged fraud victims while praising Mizwanneka publicly. Here is a snapshot of one,

Journalist Exposes Secret Behind Mizwanneka'S Huge Sales 1
Mizwanneka accused to black magic and burner trolling

When the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) reached out to Nwanneka to defend herself, she said,

“If they want to take that personal, that’s up to them,”

Adding that it is not unusual for businesses to experience logistic setbacks although hers is going on eight years.

Foundation for Investigative Journalism

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