Journalist Escapes Kidnappers’ Grip

A journalist has revealed how he managed to escape some kidnappers who attempted grabbing him in the middle of the night.

His name is Eniola Daniel, and he narrated how scary the experience was on social media when he managed to evade his abductors, but sustained severe injuries in the process of fleeing their grip.

Daniel is a media consultant and was unfortunate to have encountered the tragic incident where he later took to Twitter to share a photo of his injuries, while explaining with a few words how the kidnappers almost succeeded in carrying out their plot.

Journalist Escapes Kidnappers' Grip

Tweet Describing Journalist’s Ordeal

The move for his abduction happened on the night of Tuesday, June 7, 2022, when he disclosed on his social media platform, saying, “I was almost kidnapped tonight, but thank God I escaped, but not without injury,” he added, “Well, it’s a victory and I thank God. Please be careful out there, go home early.”

The pictures shared showed how blood clothed an open wound right below his elbow and with a little swollen part looking slightly gory to look at when perusing the images.

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